warm spell

jacket: c/o: joe fresh // sweater: c/o: forever 21 // jeans: zara // scarf: aldo accessories // bag: marc by marc jacobs // boots: topshop 

We've had unusually warm weather here in the wild west and in true Canadian fashion, we all think it's basically summer outside. My Caribbean boyfriend mentioned that only Canadians would sit outside of a coffee shop when it's 4 degrees outside (it's true!). Mother Nature has a way of messing with us though because I know this warm spell is just a tease and we will get Winter 2.0 soon enough! 
The dry spell made me want to bust out my lighter jacket from Joe Fresh and walk around my neighbourhood as happy as can be! 
In other news, is it just me or is this week going by incredibly slow? I know it's onlyWednesday but I feel like it's going sooooo slowly. I'm already dreaming of the weekend....

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  1. haha thats funny that 4 degrees is considered warm in Calgary. I am in Phoenix right now and everyone acts like its so cold here at night but it feels like summer to me


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