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Have you ever stopped and thought about all those great notes we used to give each other in class? You know, those fancy folded up ones? Or the cards, letters we used to give our pen pals? In today's world, it's all about the text, FaceTime, e-mail you name it to communicate. I almost feel bad for today's youth (wow, I'm old) and how they never really experienced the hand written note. 
 I'm of course guilty of all the technology today but I will proudly say, I still love to buy stationary, my own agenda and writing cards to friends. I swear the Canada Post man knows me by name! 

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Kayley for coffee where she showed me and explained her local Calgary based company "Wrinkle & Crease".  We followed each other on Instagram and I immediately fell in love with her collection. I absolutely love every piece of her stationary which specializes in letter press and gold foil print. When I saw her collection in person, I loved it even more! It's extremely high quality and the fact that it's a local start up company who's owner is a new busy mother makes it even better. I'm always amazed by all the creative talent in Calgary! 

Some of my favourites include this, this and this

Kayley would love to give my readers a 20% off discount site wide with code BORNLIPPY20 now until 9 PM (MST). 

Happy Shopping! 

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  1. Her products look so sweet! I am a big sucker for good stationary myself, I'll have to check it out ;) xx


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