orange is the new... you know

vest: topshop (recent) // top: topshop (recent) // skirt: club monaco (old) // heels: zara (old) // necklace: tiffany & co // watch: michael kors // bracelet: tiffany & co 

I made the conclusion the other day that I didn't give this skirt enough wear last summer. It's a really bold and bright colour and some would say it's a tad difficult to wear. I however find it pretty easy to wear! All you gotta think about when you have a bright colour or pattern is to pair it with something neutral. Cue in this amazing vest I recently got from Topshop. Sure I have a TON of vests but this one had to be mine because the material was durable and the length is perfect.

Funny story with these pictures though, I wore the vest the entire day without any stains and right before I went to take these photos I noticed a big fat stain in the middle on the back. WHO EVEN KNOWS how that happened. Anyways, I frantically tried to get the stain out and I did get most of it out but theres a reason I didn't take any pictures from the back, it was WET hahaha. Anyways, I decided to wash it on the delicate cycle and it's currently air drying in my bathroom. Fingers crossed it's OK! I'll be so sad if it's ruined! 

Have an amazing FRIDAY! 
I'm so excited just one more week and I'm headed to Vancouver for the long weekend! 


  1. I would probably think that skirt is difficult to style, but whenever I'm unsure, I grab either a denim jacket, or a vest of some kind. Looks like you nailed it, girl!

    Something About That

  2. You look great in orange!

  3. Love your skirt!
    Dish soap and baking soda will get stains out of ANYTHING(trust me I have 2 kids that are constantly spilling stuff on their clothes or on me). Cover the stain with dishsoap(use clear for white) rub it in, cover with baking soda, rub that in, leave for 5 minutes, rub again and run under cold water. If the stain is still there repeat the dish soap/baking soda untill it's gone.

  4. I love your skirt, especially how you styled it


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