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I have some exciting news! 
In just over a month, my guy and I are finally taking a much needed trip to Europe! In the almost 7 years that we have been dating, we have been flip flopping with the idea and time just passes us and we put it off. This time however, we've decided that were doing it and I'm so excited to say that we are heading to Portugal & Spain for 3 weeks! 

In true Melanie fashion, I'm already freaking out about what to bring with me (I'm the WORST packer) but I've done some research and these are some of my essentials for the trip! 

  1. Headphones: I'm the kind of girl that needs complete silence when i'm sleeping and although silence on an airplane is nearly impossible, at least your headphones can look cute! I love these
  2. Sunglasses: Obviously sunglasses are a major essential. I have these Karen Walker sunnies and they are my absolute fave. If you read my blog on the regular, you'll notice I wear them lots! 
  3. Backpack: One of the things I need to buy before my trip is a practical backpack. Herschel makes the best backpacks that are not only practical but cute! My boyfriend won't be afraid to carry it around either! 
  4. Passport Cover: I've actually never owned a passport cover but I've always wanted to! This one by Kate Spade is naturally cute and neutral! 
  5. Sneakers: For the long flight from Calgary to Portugal, comfy footwear is a must. I've had my eye on these sneakers! They're casual yet easy to dress up! They're a little bit of an investment but if they will last for a while, it's worth it. 
  6. Shoe Bag: I'm one of those girls that wraps all my shoes and other things in plastic bags when I travel. This shoe bag though? HOW cute is it? Beats that plastic bag thats for sure! haha 
If any of you have any suggestions on what to do in Portugal and Spain please let me know either through commenting or emailing me! I would really appreciate all the advice!

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  1. I am COMPLETELY envious! Can't wait to follow along on your snapchat/insta/blog/wherever I can find it haha. I'm sure the both of you will have an incredible time :) xx


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