What I'm Loving Lately....

I'm one of those girls that has endless and endless wishlists. I spend an embarrassing amount of time browsing my favourite sites and making wishlists in hopes that one day I can click that wonderful "process order" button. Ahhh please tell me I'm not the only one? My boyfriend doesn't understand how I can spend endless amounts of time doing it but come on now we all do right? ;) 

Anyways, I've been really into the brand J.O.A. which is  really fashion forward  and doesn't break the bank yet looks like you did (awesome right?) 

I've also been loving everything denim lately, the more denim the better! I've really been into denim dresses which gives a new life to the favourite. 

I've never really been a fringe girl in the past, I've basically thought I couldn't pull it off but lately fringe is so versatile that it's hard to not find a piece you love! 

Lastly, the thing I'm loving the most are capes! I can't stop, won't stop looking at them! They are beyond chic and instantly makes an outfit pop! 

What are you loving lately? I'd love to know!


  1. Bought way too many denim dresses end of summer, but love them!! The Aritzia one you posted, I had to buy also!! I am loving the long sleeveless vests for fall & winter, still waiting to purchase one when on sale. Capes are great this year too!! And fringe just are the bomb!

  2. I have an endless wishlist too and all of these items have just been added to it :)



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