stripes and overalls

overalls: topshop // turtleneck: c/o joe fresh // shoes: aldo // watch: michael kors // bag: banana republic // sunglasses: karen walker // lipstick: topshop in "rio rio" 

This past weekend went by WAY too fast! I can't believe it's already February... pretty soon and I'll be 28! OLD.
Anyways, it was a pretty chill weekend, I got ahead on some spring cleaning,  went to a favourite restaurant of mine and explored new coffee shops. Calgary is pretty blessed to have some amazing options when it comes to cafes and restaurants. It's always so fun discovering a new one! We were in the Eau Claire area of Calgary taking pictures and noticed a beautiful new cafe called Alforno! Seriously, the interior is gorgeous, I felt like I was in Paris or New York. Sadly, we didn't have time to eat there but it's definately on my list! 

I don't know what it is lately but I'm just loving neutrals and a striped turtleneck is one of them. I actually bought these overalls in the summer but weirdly enough I've never shown them off on the blog! Weird how those things happen as a style blogger. I love them even though I feel slightly juvenile in them,  but hey I'm turning 28 soon, a girl's gotta stay young right? haha. 

Happy Monday!

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