jacket: zara // dress: h&m // heels: zara // sunglasses: ray-ban

From time to time, I get into a blogger rut of sorts. 
Life has been pretty busy for me with a new job and family visiting and I've been coming home completely exhausted and burnt out. I've also been feeling kind of unmotivated lately and I know the feeling will eventually pass but at this particular time I've been feeling a little off. I feel like I haven't caught up with life and quite frankly a little sad with my grandfather and beloved pup passing not too long ago as well. 

As a style blogger, the pressure to appear "perfect" is pretty intense. We document perfect photos and showcase the best part of our lives. You almost kind of feel like a failure when you don't have new clothes, something awesome and witty to write or great photos to share. In these particular photos I wasn't feeling the best, I was so tired/hungry/cranky and REALLY needed to wash my hair (HAHA). Why would I admit that? because I'M HUMAN! 
I also really need to stop comparing myself to others. It's so hard as a blogger to not get envious of events, opportunities, travel and campaigns. A few weeks ago, I was feeling super sad over not being invited to something in the city and tried my best to not get upset about it. My final thoughts? THEIR LOSS! Am I right my friends?!

Ok, enough with the sad talk and onto something more positive. The weather in the Wild West is going to be terrific in the next few days and I could not be more excited!

Thanks for reading my rant and let me know if you have any tips on how to overcome the infamous "blogger rut"! 


  1. Your blog is great! I don't blog, just read a few, so can't help with any tips. I say with your recent losses (so sorry), don't be so hard on yourself! Sad you weren't invited to a recent event here in Calgary though! That would make me sad too, but stay positive and more will come your way! Your blog is one of my favourites, your photos are nice, big, clear, close-up shots of you & your outfits. Always so pretty!

  2. Hey! You look beautiful :)


  3. To be honest, the perfect blogger phenomenon will likely always exist in some capacity, but I feel like more and more readers want to get to know the real person behind it all. We're able to get perfection in magazines, and come to blogs for a dose of relatable style. I can't speak for all, but I like it when you let your personality shine through - bad days and all. Big hugs!!!


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