game changer skirt

top: club monaco (old) // skirt: club monaco (recent) // heels: zara (old) // watch: michael kors // sunglasses: karen walker 

There are few times where I find a bodycon item of clothing and actually like it. 
As you probably already know, I have quite the fear of wearing bodycon. I don't know what it is but I'm much more comfortable wearing something that isn't attached to every part of my bod. This skirt however is a game changer. I'm not sure if it's the material or the fact that the stripes run vertically but I was soooo down with it. I also wore it to the Justin Bieber concert and after party a few weeks back (yes, I am a fan and no I am not embarrassed to admit it). I also thought I'd share that I have a video of Justin right in front of me and for a brief moment we made eye contact... JUST SAYIN' haha. So maybe, just maybe this skirt is good luck? ;)

In other news, I'm off to Portland early Friday morning and feel totally unprepared... haha It's a good thing it's only 4 days! 

Happy almost weekend!


  1. Love this shape of skirt on you! Have fun in Portland!

  2. Love that outfit, skirt looks amazing! Thanks for posting! Happy Canada Day in Portland!

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