the power of new shoes

top: zara // jeans: mother // shoes: aldo // watch: michael kors 

As a blogger, I feel the pressure to constantly have new clothes to display on the blog.
The pressure can turn into quite the shopping addiction and unless you're a millionaire it's quite hard to keep up with that. I told myself, I wasn't going to shop all of February (cue in shocked reaction here) and so far so good. If you follow me on Snap, I almost caved with some shoes but I told myself it can wait! 

Speaking of shoes, these Aldo heels were purchased in late January (haha) and it was slightly warm enough to bust them out this past weekend. It's crazy what a new pair of heels can do to an outfit, the jeans I've worn countless times and this top is a few months old and yet it feels brand new. 

Have you done a no shopping month? Any tips on how not to give in? You're talking to quite the addict here ;) 

Happy Monday! 


  1. Haha. I completely understand that pressure far I have managed to keep it at bay. What I do when I have the desire to shop is rather than purchase a new clothing item, I buy an item for my home (eg. a cute throw, wall art or accessories organizer), which is much less expensive than a shoe/bag would have cost!


  2. Nice! Which Mother jeans (style/wash)are you wearing. Love the clean, dark wash.



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