white denim culottes

top: zara // culottes: zara // shoes: nine west // sunglasses: karen walker 

I don't think my love affair will ever change when it comes to culottes. 
I just love the style so much and I find them so chic and versatile. Most guys find them to be  cullNOTs but guys don't really understand fashion....am I right? 

I succumbed to ordering some stuff from the Zara sale and these were two of the 4 items I ordered. I had been staring at these pants forever and I'm so glad I got them at such an amazing deal! I love that they're a denim material and have a belt. I've also been actively trying to incorporate more "casual" clothes into my everyday pieces and this t-shirt is one of the items I've purchased. I mean, Farrah Fawcett is a goddess and straight up GOALS in my opinion so why not wear her on your tee? 

Oh and I'm still going strong with keeping my hair natural....UGH it's so hard though!! If you have any tips on how to embrace it... please let me know!

Happy Thursday! 

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