floral shirt dress

shirt dress: c/o frank & oak // tee: club monaco // shorts: vintage levis // shoes: h&m

I have a pretty intense fear of shorts.
If you've followed this blog for a while you might have noticed that I don't wear shorts very often. This is due to the fact that it's actually really hard for me to find shorts that fit. My waist is small but I have hips so it's so hard to find a pair that fits AND are flattering.

I've had these vintage Levis forever and they're actually one of the few shorts that actually fit me and I'm so grateful they work! They may work but I still find them pretty short to walk around in so I thought it would be fun to pair it with my new shirt dress I got from Frank & Oak. I know what you're thinking, Frank & Oak is a men's store! Think again, they actually have a women's online shop and it's AMAZING! It's such a hidden gem I swear! Beautiful pieces and at a great price. I've worn this beautiful piece countless times and have received so many compliments.

Do any of you share my fear of shorts? What are some of your tips to find a good pair? I find going one size bigger then normal helps! That way they're not too tight in the leg and you can always belt it at the waist.

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