floral polka dot dress

dress: zara // heels: zara // lipstick: nars heatwave 

I don't think I've worn so many patterns in one dress ever (and I was born in the 80's/grew up in the 90's haha). I was immediately drawn to this dress not only for it's unique patterns but the shape and length. Over the years, I've realized what works on my body and what doesn't. I've found that a midi length type dress or skirt works well with my height and curves. I can always rely on Zara for this type of dress! Seriously, that store gets me every time. 

I'm seriously so in love with this dress and I'm hoping I can wear it a few more times before winter hits. Living in Alberta, that is most likely going to happen by next month (yes, it's true). I keep picturing this dress on a future holiday in Europe with little sandals and a great bag. One can dream right? I'm hoping to take a trip across the pond by next summer! 

What do you think about wearing multiple patterns? I've attached some other dresses I love as well below...

Have a wonderful Monday and thanks for stopping by!

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