bold stripes

sweater: twik by simons // skirt: zara // boots: zara // 

I've been kinda obsessed with stripes ever since it got kinda chilly. 
There are so many cute sweaters I've seen come out and they all kinda have a nerdy old school looking vibe. I found this one at Simons the other day and literally freaked out over the colours. It's beyond cute and inexpensive under $50! I'm also almost 100% certain that I've had this sweater or one very similar when I was a little ting in the 90's. 

Also, sadly as discussed in my previous post, the snow has arrived in the Wild West. It is supposed to warm up so let's hope it does! It is WAY too early for that to be happening! I'm so not ready for summer to be over. 

ps. I wanted to ask if there were any certain topics or things you'd like to see more off in the Fall? I'm going to really try to post on a more regular schedule and I'd love some input!

Have an amazing Thursday! 

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