airport style

airport style
Tonight I'm taking the red eye flight back home and I cannot be more excited. 
When it comes to travel, I am a firm believer that you shouldn't have to sacrifice your personal style in order to be comfortable on an airplane. 
Sure flights are long and boring and you sit in a tiny seat with not much leg room, but I still don't think it is an excuse to wear sweatpants and slippers, it is one of my greatest pet peeves when I see that look.
You can still be comfortable in the right things and this is what I would wear if I had some extra funds and more access to shopping haha.
Jeans are comfortable in my opinion but I would also wear leggings as an alternative. A nice thick sweater is great for travel since I'm always freezing on airplanes. You can always take it off and have a tank or tee under it if it gets too hot. A classic trench is great since it is lighter than most coats. I love the one above from Aritzia
When it comes to footwear, I am all for looking your best but I truly think it is ridiculous to wear heels around an airport.. unless you are Victoria Beckham. 
I would wear flats or loafers! You could run to your gate in those! 
A nice big travel carry on bag is great, you could store your electronics, magazines and still have some room. Sunglasses are great too just in case you look exhausted coming off that plane!
Finally a pillow is great to bring on a flight especially if it is a long one. My ride home is just under 5 hours so it is not too bad. I remember when flights gave you a blanket and pillow and now I feel like it is non existent.

Here are some "airport style" examples, these ladies pull it off with ease!


  1. I love those leopard print flats! So stylish for travelling!!



  2. I love this post! I love your blog so I'm a follower now :)

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  3. We LOVE this!! Such amazing picks - and totally true! All must-haves for the jet setting fashionisa(o). Love.

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    ox from NYC!


  4. i like audrina!!! me gustan los articulos que siempre escribes en tu blog!! :)

    ya te pintaste el pelo?

  5. Cute airport style...I've had to run to catch a plane before so heels are out of the question when at the airport. Lovely blog, new follower here.

    xo erica

  6. Thanks so much ladies! You're way too nice!! Sorry I've been MIA from my blog lately! I will for sure check out your blogs.. I love finding new ones! <3 come back soon!

  7. love this look..and following you now! :)

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