the day I saw the worlds largest pyrogy

Over the weekend we traveled 5 hours to visit a friend in a much smaller town then us ( it is possible haha) and we were told there was the "worlds largest pyrogy" a few towns away and on the way home we had to see this. The pyrogy was in "Pyrogy Park" on "Pyrogy Drive" across from "Pyrogy Cafe" in Glendon, Alberta. I was always told there is a huge Ukrainian population in Alberta but I never really noticed but after careful observation it is definitely noticeable! 
Overall it made me crave some pyrogies and cabbage rolls.. mmmm 
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. 

p.s I just noticed there are several "worlds largest in the prairies" check them out here


  1. haha isn't is perogie? i was SO confused as to what that giant thing was

  2. The Ukrainian spelling is pyrogy lol.

  3. lol I had no idea that existed! Definitely puts me in the mood for some!!




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