sister made jewelry

When I was home visiting my family and friends my lovely talented and beautiful sister Kristina asked me to take pictures of her jewelry.
 My sister has always been very artistically inclined (her and I both can paint..her more so since I stopped a long time ago) and I'm so proud that she is following her dreams by applying to OCAD for art. She showcased some jewelry, clothing and of course her paintings which I hope to feature soon as well.
She draws inspiration from vintage designs and usually makes her way to vintage stores to find pieces she can take apart and give them a more modern life.
I've worn a few of her pieces on my blog which can be found here and here.
She can make several different designs and colours depending on what the customer wants. 
We have all given her the idea of starting an Etsy shop in the near future but if not she is definitely selling her pieces some other way.
If anyone is interested please let me know and we will be in contact! 



  1. Oh wow these are so lovely I would love to get a hand on a few pieces. I can't believe she doesn't have an Etsy shop already, she NEEDS one. I would promote the hell outa her!

    Etsy shops are super easy to run, and it doesn't cost much. its 10 cents a listing. Another idea too though if she doesn't want an Etsy store she could just start a blog or a tumblr and post them and sell them through there!

    ;) Ps this totally gave me an idea for something with my little side project with Beth and Di. We're still working on building a portfolio.. I'll shoot you a message hehe

  2. Kait!
    That makes me so happy.. and I know my sister would be so happy you said that!! Yeah she definitely needs one.. we shall get one going that's for sure. I've already done a few purchases from Etsy.. I'm so obsessed. She does have Tumblr already!
    I'm excited for this little side project you speak of! Can't wait to hear about it!!

  3. I love, love, love the blue feather ones!


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