DIY: Gold Chevron Painting

a few imperfections at the bottom but I will just touch them up with some white paint
not perfectly leveled I know .. just wanted to show it on the wall quickly
 I saw this lovely project while on Pinterest and I couldn't resist trying it myself since I love the chevron pattern. I initially thought it was going to be SUPER easy but what I realized it takes a lot of skills in the measurement department to get it perfect. I asked my engineer boyfriend to help me get the measurements correctly and it turned out pretty good! 
I guess we didn't secure the paint properly towards the bottom because some paint got through to the white parts but I will just correct it with a little paint when I get the chance to go back to the city since this tiny town has no acrylic paint.
Overall it was a very inexpensive way to create something so pretty! It cost me about 35 dollars for everything.
I definitely feel like I've been bit by the DIY bug because I'm going to be doing another project of painting an old coffee table and end tables for my new place.. so excited! 

Check out how to do this painting here 

Have an amazing Friday! 


  1. Fantastic! I am so inspired to do this, I think I'll try it this summer when i have some free time. Have a fabulous weekend!


  2. This is so amazing. Once I move into my dorm in fall, I'm definitely making one of these and hanging it in my room! I am following you as well :o)

    - Nita

  3. Omgsh, this DIY is awesome! That turned out beautifully and makes such a cool decoration <3

    Trendy Teal

  4. Thanks everyone! I want to do another one now! Thanks Nita for following! I'm following you too! Xo

  5. Love chevron print, great DIY!

    xo Ashleigh


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