bring it on spring

coat: h&m (recent) // shirt: gap // pants: c/o 424 fifth // shoes: guess // sunglasses: minkpink // watch: michael kors // necklace: tiffany & co 

It may be a little early to say spring is here but this jacket definitely gives me the warm and fuzzy feelings. 
 When I saw it on a mannequin at H&M I absolutely loved it but decided against it because it wasn't conventionally practical. I thought about it for a few days and decided I had to have it since it was such a steal ($60) and I kept going back to see it. Sometimes you need pieces in your wardrobe that are a little fun and make you smile when you wear them and this coat is definately one of those pieces. My girl Vickie from Adventures in Fashion is sporting it too! I can't wait to wear it again despite my boyfriend saying it was an "old lady coat" .... PFFFT! ;) boys will be boys!

Did any of you watch the Oscars? I found it SUPER awkward at a lot of points. I don't think NPH did a good job, all the jokes seemed a bit forced. Wasn't one of my favourites thats for sure. Rosamund Pike takes best dressed in my opinion! What did you think? 


  1. Loved Rosamund's dress too, that woman can do no wrong! I loved Naomi Watts and Sienna Millers dresses even more though…on the fence about Emma Stone, gorgeous dress and the colour worked well with her hair, but it's still a strange swampy colour none the less haha. xx

  2. OMG that coat is perfection. It's so bright and just completely "spring."

    Your boyfriend just doesn't know what he's talking about ;)

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