grid pattern blazer

blazer: topshop (recent) // tee: h&m // jeans: gap // sneakers: gap // necklace: tiffany & co // watch: marc by marc jacobs 

I contemplated not posting these photos because I was kinda having an off day. You know those days where you feel super chubs and just plain gross? This day was one of them. I hate to say I have those kind of days but I'm normal and it happens! I think it has a lot to do with the fact that as a style blogger whether you like it or not you're judged in one way or another. It's kinda the curse to showcasing your life on the Internet. Don't get me wrong, I love blogging and showing my outfits to all of you but sometimes I have off days. I also have to stop comparing myself to others, it's a horrible habit. I will always have a butt (Latina genes) I will always be short (I'm 5'5) and the list can go on. You have to embrace what you have and rock it! With that being said, I still posted these!

I got some reassurance that they weren't bad photos from my wonderful and oh so patient boyfriend so here they are! He always makes me feel like I'm the prettiest girl in the world and I love him so much for it. I still feel kinda iffy about them but oh well. In a more positive light, I love this blazer I got from Topshop! I've always loved a good pattern and this blazer was just the perfect length! 

Please tell me you guys have days where you contemplate not posting photos? I have far too many of those days! How do you overcome them? I'd love to know!


  1. I totally have these days! It can become so hard to stay positive sometimes and not get discouraged, all we can do is push though it. But you my friend are gorgeous- your skin in flawless in these pics, and your smile is radiant! So there :)

    xx gabriella

  2. Good for you for just rolling with it! For me, I have "super white days" where no matter how much colour balancing I do to try to save a photo I still look see-through. When this happens I usually just give up and post about something else haha ;)

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