lace up

coat: topshop // dress: zara // shoes: aldo // watch: c/o: jord watches 

There is no denying that "lace up" everything is really trendy right now.
Sure, it's not for everyone but since I'm part of the "small boobies" club (haha, it's true though) I think I can do it! Although it's super trendy right now, I don't recommend wearing such a dress when it's pretty damn cold outside. The small boobies got even smaller with the wind chill. I'm also not physically ready for the dumping of snow that I'm sure will be on us any day now. I'm actually quite surprised that we don't have any yet since we almost ALWAYS do by Halloween. Hopefully I don't jinx anything by saying that but it's true. Ahhh, gotta love that Alberta life. 

In other news, how cool is this Jord watch? It's made completely out of wood! I've never seen or had a watch quite like it! 

Happy Almost Friday friends!

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  1. HA - it's because I am NOT a member of the "small boobies" club that I can't seem to pull this look off...but I love it on you!

    That coat is gorgeous, too!

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