Wild Wild West

In February it will be two years since I've been in Calgary. 
It's really crazy to me that I've been out West for a total of four and a half years (UMMM WHAT?). It sounds lame, but it literally feels like yesterday that I packed up my whole life and moved across the country to Alberta. I'm not going to lie, Alberta is VERY different from Ontario in pretty much in every aspect possible haha. It was definitely an adjustment but I've embraced a lot of what Alberta has to offer. I absolutely love the mountains (pretty evident on my Instagram) and I feel so blessed to live close to them. People fly all over the world to see the Canadian Rocky Mountains and I pretty much have them in my backyard NBD

One thing I haven't really adjusted to is the love for country music, I've tried and tried again to like it but it's just not for me. However... the western style is kind of fun! You can have western elements without looking tacky that's for sure. Forget the cowboy hat and plaid shirt, there are so many options now! 
I've been on the radar for the perfect tan suede boots and these ones by Steven are perfect and the price ain't too shabby either! I don't think I'm cool enough to wear a western looking scarf (my girl Vickie from AiF is a pro at this) but I love them and perhaps you'll see me in one soon enough! 
I've been looking at the double buckle belts for a while ever since I saw the gorgeous Kendal Jenner wearing one at Coachella. The one above is literally perfect to wear casually with jeans or with maxi dresses! Lastly, to complete your chic "western" look is a fringe bag. This one will get you noticed for sure! 

Do you like Western-inspired style? Do you find some styles harder to embrace?

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