unexpected colour

Jeans, Shirt & Flats: Gap (all recent) // Glasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs // Watch: Michael Kors // Silver Bracelet: Tiffany & Co // Bracelet: F21 

Sorry everyone for being a little MIA! I was in the city these past two days. I saw Coldplay on Tuesday night and it was truly amazing. Chris Martin sings amazing live and they put on an unforgettable show. If you have the chance to see them I highly suggest you do! It was quite the experience too since Edmonton was the first stop on the entire tour. 
We took the day off yesterday and went shopping of course. I mainly went to get two gifts but ended up shopping for myself as well. I had to return a coat at Gap and came across these wonderful green pants and I couldn't resist this pink button up. I went through a phase in my first year of university by just wearing button ups and then I stopped and I don't really know why..but I am proud to say I am embracing them again.
I never thought of putting these two colours together but my boyfriend suggested it (shocking I know) and I loved it! I look a tad like a watermelon but whatever.. watermelons are delicious!

Have a wonderful ALMOST Friday!


  1. cute watermelon you are. love this outfit!

    xoxo Nav

  2. I love the combination of pink, green, & leopard.


  3. I love the colour combo! You look great!

    Maria @ Orchard Bloom

  4. So funny story, I have the same button up in white and blue and because I love them so much, I was going to get an orange one too.. and those green pants, I tried to get them too but they didn't have my size left, so I ended up buying some Material Girl ones.

    I love the look! and it was good skyping with you last night. Wish you could have been there in person!

  5. Whoa, haha no kidding, we almost have the same exact outfit, huh? I totally missed this one! Nice jeans, I applaud your color combo ;)

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