my beauty essentials

my beauty essentials

I've wanted to do a beauty post FOREVER, but I don't consider myself to be completely beauty obsessed or talented in that area in any way. I'm a very simple girl when it comes to makeup and just stick to the basics. These are some things I seriously cannot live without!

  • Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion: This is just a classic. It leaves your skin perfectly dewy and I love that it is 100% fragrance free (I have seriously sensitive skin so it's perfect!) 
  • Benefit High Beam: I heard about this by word of mouth, and it is AMAZING. I use it after I apply blush on my cheeks for a nice little highlight as well as under my eyebrows for added light. It lasts forever too so completely worth the price!
  • Benefit They're Real! Mascara: I have to admit, I'm pretty obsessed with mascara. I always go for the new one that comes out just to try it out. What I've realized over going through tons is that this one beats them all. It's a little more expensive than most mascaras but completely worth it! Seriously, it can make the smallest of eyelashes look like supermodel quality!
  • Benefit Erase Paste: This was also something that I heard was great through word of mouth. It's probably the best concealer I've used. It's super durable and you only need a little bit to cover up basically anything. I use it for my under eye circles and it works like a charm! 
  • NARS blush in Orgasm: I think blush is a complete essential in the makeup game. This colour is the perfect shade to give you a nice glow and wake me up. I've had mine for months! It's super long lasting. 
  • Benefit It's Potent! Eye Cream: I was recommended to buy this by a friend and I'm so glad I got it. I use this before bed under my eyes and it really does help fade dark circles and helps brighten the area which is great. It's also super hydrating which gives you a dewy look.
  • Stila Eye shadow: I'm a girl who uses mostly neutral tones or none at all when it comes to eye shadow, this is mainly because I have zero clue how to put it on haha. I've used Stila eye shadow in the past and I love it! Goes on well and stays on well!
  • Benefit Brow Zing: I have pretty unruly bushy eyebrows. Ever since I started filling my eyebrows in, I seriously cannot go a day without doing it. This product comes in tons of colours to match your eyebrows and comes with a wax as well as the colour for added durability! It doesn't wear off and lasts forever! It seriously makes a HUGE difference. You won't go back! 
  • Rimmel Bronzer: Call me cheap, but I've never spent a lot on bronzer. It may be because I already have a natural  olive tone in my skin where I'm not super pale but I just don't see the point in spending a lot. I've used Rimmel bronzer since I was a teen and it works! It's cheap and works well. What's not to love? 
  • Revlon Lip Butters: I'm a HUGE fan of this line. I can't even count how many I have. They're inexpensive and so creamy! A lot of lipsticks are drying and not moisturizing. This line gives you the fun colour and it's long lasting and moisturizes like a lip balm! I would highly recommend them! 
There you have it! Do you have any essentials worth trying out? I'd love to know! x 

Have a great long weekend everyone! 


  1. I love all those benefit products! Seriously the only good thing about when i worked at shoppers was my discount on those things. They're real is the best mascara EVER

  2. Love all of these items! I just got a blush from Nars and I love it!

    Xo, Hannah

  3. Ooh! <3 I have the Erase Paste and it's alright, I think it's a bit cakey tho.

    I want to try the Brow Zing and Lip Butters!

    xo Kisty
    The Style Mermaid

  4. I use the same bronzer and I agree it's great :) Nice post!

  5. I haven't tried the high beam by Benefit but I think it might be my next purchase!
    Kristin xx

  6. I'm loving your mix of higher and lower end cosmetics. I've recently begun trying some higher end products and I'm learning what you should splurge on and what you don't need to, so I find this post really interesting.

    Also, random question. Do you use Photoshop to put together that collage? I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate this sort of imaging into my own posts and not sure how to go about it.

    xoxo Jackie

  7. Great post! You and I obviously share the same feeling when it comes to makeup and beauty; I have a very simple routine and stick to basics that perform well, even if they cost a bit more. I like to do a post like this every once in a while, maybe we can compare!!

  8. I'm glad you did a beauty post! I always thought your makeup looked natural yet glamourous : now I know your secrets! ;)


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