two years

sweater: gap // skirt: forever 21 // shoes: aldo // watch: michael kors // necklace: james michelle 

I'm really proud to say that my little blog is 2 today! 
I honestly cannot believe it's been 2 years it's just crazy how quickly time has passed. I first started this blog as a hobby when I moved to Alberta from Ontario but it's become so much more than that. I've always been obsessed with fashion but this blog has given me a new found love for it. I truly look forward to blogging everyday and I credit it for giving me sanity while living somewhere so far from my family, friends and basically everything I know.
I think I've definitely grown in the last year and I'm looking forward to what the future holds for this blog. It will definitely be different moving to Calgary in January but I feel like my blog can only go up from there. Blogging has given me the opportunity to meet and form friendships with some amazing bloggers as well as some brands that I've admired for what seems like forever. I still get so giddy when I receive a compliment or am featured by a brand.
Speaking of being featured, I was recently featured in October's issue of InStyle magazine for being inspired by an article and it's still so surreal to see myself in it! If you haven't seen it yet it's on page. 88 of the magazine or you can see it here! Thank you so much InStyle!
  To my readers: Thank you so much for coming back everyday and giving me compliments and comments. I really appreciate your kind words. I credit you guys for making me feel better when I'm having a bad day.
Here's to more blogiversaries to come!

oh and...

I'd like to thank my loyal photographer boyfriend who not only supports my blog but puts up with driving to the city almost every weekend  (about 2 hours) and going to events with me! I love you!
 ps. Don't be mad I posted this pic..

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  1. Aw, happy two years! Can't wait to see what the next year brings! xo!

  2. happy happy blogiversary!! you go girl... love that skirt too
    xo Jessica

  3. Happy blogaversary darling!!! That's exciting it's been two years.
    I love this outfit, the sweater looks gorgeous with this colour skirt :)
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Happy two years! Your boyfriend is very kind to be taking your pictures! He does a great job at it too!

    Bold Subtlety

  5. AWEE so sweet, congratulations! Such a big fan of your blog =)


  6. Happy blogiversary!!! Love that pic of D at the end... I can only imagine his reaction ;)

  7. Congrats Melanie! That is very exciting and your blog has grown so much in the two years. Love that you included a photo of your photographer too! :) Have a good weekend !Xo

  8. Happy 2 years!!!!! This is a very exciting time. I think you have a fabulous blog, and am looking forward to the many years to come! Congrats with all of the success you have achieved with it so far. xo

  9. Happy two years! I have been following along for quite a while and have noticed the growth as of late. It's awesome, and well deserved. The more I get into blogging, the more blogs I start reading, but yours is always one that I look forward to.

    I saw you posted a couple of times recently on Gap's Facebook page....including this outfit. Congratulations and here's to continued growth and success!!

    xoxo Jackie

  10. Melanie, happy blogaversary :-). I am so glad I discovered your blog and wish you a great experience growing further with it :-)


    PS: If you would love to join our link up them to "Macaroon shades" tomorrow, you are more then welcome :-)

  11. I'm SO proud of how far you have come in 2 years!!! It's been great to watch all this success :D :D :D So happy for you girl!!! You deserve it all!

  12. Congrats on your two year anniversary! I always look forward to reading your posts and adore your style! Can't wait to hang out when you move to Calgary in January!!!!!! Also, I'm pretty sure I own that sweater too. If it's the same one, it's one of my favourites.

    xo Ashley


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