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Gold Wishlist

There is no denying my love for anything gold.
I guess I'm a girly girl or maybe it's the Latina in me (haha) or maybe it has to do with just the timeless elegance it conveys. A few weeks ago while at home I was walking through Chapters/Indigo and fell in love with pretty much every piece they had in the home decor section. Each year I feel like Chapters/Indigo has really emphasized that not only are they a store for books and stationary but have become a one stop shop for all things pretty for the home and for yourself. I absolutely love the way they display items and I must give kudos to the merchandising team! I will be one happy girl on Christmas if I got even just one piece from this collection (hint hint, nudge nudge family!). How can one not love the beautiful gold plates and champagne glasses? What's even better is that all of these items are under $50 which make them all very budget friendly!
Links to each item here: 
Happy Shopping! 


  1. I'm obsessed with all things gold at the moment and the selection at Chapters is just so swoon worthy!! Just grabbed a few pillows from their over the weekend and hoping to go back for those glasses, love them!

    By The Shore, a life + style blog

  2. Chapters has so many fabulous things at the moment. I love the sparkly champagne flutes.

  3. Wow...I had no idea that Chapters/Indigo had such pretty items like this. I haven't been to a store in a long time, but I kind of need that iPhone case and the bracelet!

    xoxo Jackie

  4. I am obsessed with Chapters/Indigo. Pretty much I'm asking for anything from Chapters, or expensive bags. No inbetween for me! And I love that they now carry Kate Spade stationary and accessories. Love!

  5. Ugh. We all know how I feel about everything on this list. Especially the Kate Spade & Riffle Paper items. I've been dyyyyying to get my hands on those champagne flutes though!


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