Wearing a dress as a cardigan

dress: wilfred - aritzia (worn as a cardigan, old) // tee: aritzia // jeans: levis // boots: aldo (older) // hat: h&m // watch: michael kors // bag: roots 

I have to admit, I'm guilty of forgetting what I have in my closet. 
For example, this dress (which I LOVE btw) got completely forgotten about. I got it for a crazy steal at one of Aritzia's sales. I remember when I was contemplating buying it, the sales associate said I could wear it as a cardigan. I never thought I could wear their wrap dress as a cardigan but oddly I think it works. 
I love re-purposing things you already own, it really helps with the days where you feel like you have nothing to wear. Would you wear a dress as a cardigan? All I did was tie the belt to the back and voila a cardigan! 

In other news, I think I'm getting sick. Finally the cold and flu season has reached me. I've been feeling so out of it lately and I'm hoping the sickness flies by before it gets worse. Wishful thinking right? 

Have a great Wednesday.. It's almost Friday!

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  1. I love that you wore the dress as a cardigan, it's so gorgeous and flow-y!

  2. This looks AMAZING!!! What a great way to get more wear from your dress... You little smarty, you! xx

  3. That's a super cute outfit you put together. A dress as a cardigan is a great idea. I love how the black scarf pulls it all together.


  4. So creative! I bet it's gorgeous as a dress too.
    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  5. This dress is such a gorgeous piece and wearing it as a cardigan is brilliant. I love how feminine it is and how great it looks with the ripped boyfriend jeans :D

  6. I think it works. I would definitely try a dress as a cardigan look.

  7. Love this idea! I think it works really well!

  8. Feel better soon! This is an amazing look!

  9. I love the look! It doesn't even look like a dress!! As always, your outfits are a hit!

  10. I just got an internship and I'm wondering how to spice up the blazer and trousers look-- a floral blazer seems like the perfect way to go! And I LOVE your wide-brimmed hat!

    Xo, Hannah



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