the perfect denim shirt

jacket: c/o: joe fresh // shirt: club monaco // pants: topshop // shoes: aldo 

I cannot even tell you how many denim shirts I've had over the years. I always try and find the perfect one or one slightly different than the other (obsession at it's finest). This one from Club Monaco is just the perfect shade of dark blue and surprisingly I didn't already have one like it in my closet. I wore this outfit on the weekend and it was perfect for running errands all over the city. 

In other news, if some of you follow me on Pinterest, I've made a new board called "Spain/Portugal 2015". My guy and I are finally taking that Europe trip we meant to take pretty much every year we've been dating. So finally after 6 years we are going to do it this summer! I'm so so excited since I'm half Portuguese and haven't been to Portugal since I was 12! I think it's about time to explore it over again. Is it sad that I'm already thinking of what to wear for my trip? It's going to be hectic since I'll be going to Europe then home for a bit for a few of my best friend's weddings as well. I don't want to pack like a crazy person but HOW does one pack for pretty much a month and still look cute? Problems I know... but this is what someone with anxiety/extreme need for organization thinks about. Seriously my spirit animal is Monica from Friends...we are besties!


  1. I love the darker denim chambray. I surprisingly don't own anything like that either!

    Also, it's so exciting that you two are going to take that Euro trip. You're going to have the best time!! It's never too early to plan either ;)

    Something About That

  2. I'm so excited for you to visit Spain! It's so beautiful. I visited a few years ago and I've been dreaming about going back. Some of my favourite places were Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, and Marbella.
    I visited for 2 weeks during a 1 month "backpack" so I understand the packing fears! I tried to pack a lot of items I could layer and that served multiple purposes. A lot of cute shorts and tank tops - stuff I could wander around, wear to the beach, and wear during the night. And one of my favourite items was a maxi dress - it was super light and still kept me warm in the evenings!

    Good luck :)


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