the obsession continues...

vest/waistcoat: topshop // pants: h&m (old) // booties: aldo // necklace: banana republic // hat: club monaco 

My severe addiction to vests has returned and it looks like it's not going anywhere! 
One of my coworkers actually pointed out my addiction and as I listened I sadly realized that everything was true... but the first step is admitting to it! Do you have a fashion obsession? Am I the only crazy one? 

I couldn't resist this vest from Topshop, it's both fun and work appropriate at the same time. Seriously guys, if you're ever looking for a cute vest go there!  They make them so well and it can really make an outfit look complete. I think my toll for number of vests has got to be over 10 now which is kinda embarrassing but also amazing at the same time. A girl can never have too many vests! 


  1. Haha I think everyone has their own little fashion addiction! I realized that I now own 6 pairs of Keds... so there's that. Plus, if you're totally rocking it, which you are, there's no need to curb the obsession! ;) xo!

  2. I AM looking for a vest like that, and haven't had any luck. Anything I find is either a bit too "wintery", too long, or not available in my size. Sure enough, this one looks perfect, but they're almost sold out. Boo!

    Something About That

  3. Well I for one LOVE your vest addiction! This whole outfit is beautiful, you are truly a fashion inspiration to me…so many times I just grab the comfiest thing and then when I "want" to dress up more I don't know what to do haha. My high school self would be ashamed, I used to be so creative! My obsession is grey tops…I don't even know how it happened, but like 80% of my tops are some shade of grey haha. xx


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