Sunday's Best

dress: aritzia // sandals: topshop // watch: marc by marc jacobs // bracelet: tiffany & co 

As I put this outfit on the other day I realized how 90's it really was! The floral dress, the chunky sandal! Ahhhh nostalgia! All I needed was a scrunchie and I would have looked like a bomb 90's gal. This Aritzia dress immediately caught my eye for the shape and pattern. It's weird, but I actually don't own a lot of dresses. This one is girlier than I'm used to but it's just so cute! I couldn't leave without it!
 Can't wait to wear it more this summer!

Happy Monday friends! 


  1. That dress is so cute! Aritzia's entire summer line is just amazing this year, isn't it?

    Something About That

  2. That is one very cute dress :) I love that you made it more grungy and added to the 90s factor with those sandals! :) xo


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