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A week ago I had the pleasure of visiting Beach Beauty Bar before it opened to the public and it was absolutely beautiful. Right when you walk in you feel like you've been transported to a tropical oasis and when you live somewhere where it's cold for most of the year that is a definite plus. 

What I loved most about this space was the decor. You walk in and you feel comfortable and at ease. It's not your everyday nail salon and I love that, it's not intimidating and you are immediately welcomed with a yummy beverage to start your pampering. Every mani or pedi comes with a comp glass of wine, cocktail, beer or house made coconut milk or almond milk latte, french press coffee or tea (hot or cold). 

Beach owner and stylist Allison Cullen carefully selected most of the furniture and decor from thrift and antique shops (ummm how amazing is that Beach sign?!). I couldn't believe that most of the furniture was second hand because everything looked absolutely amazing and didn't have that second hand feel, everything was fresh and beachy. 

I was also impressed with the fact that Beach uses cruelty and toxic free organic beauty products. Nothing had a strong or artificial smell which was great for me who has the most sensitive skin on the planet.  

I highly suggest you check out Beach Beauty for your next pampering session! It's such a unique experience and super Instragram worthy ladies! Want to know something else? Beach has theme nights! 
MONDAY: IS MOMday! 15% off mani/pedi services 
TUESDAY: INDUSTRY DAY anyone who works in a spa, salon, hair salon, coffee shop, restaurant or bar gets 15% off mani/pedi services 
WEDNESDAY: DUDE DAY! men get a comp hand or foot massage with the purchase of a mani/pedi
THURSDAY: STUDENT DAY any student gets 15% off mani/pedi services 

Thank you to Beach Beauty for sponsoring this post. 


  1. Just reading your blogs! Love that you are in Calgary, so fashionable, & highlighting great spots like this! Will def check it out!

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