mab mini revival

dress: zara (recent) // bag: rebecca minkoff (other colours I love below) // heels: zara (pretty much exact version below) // watch: c/o: bulova 

The weather in Calgary has gone from +35 to literally 10 degrees in just a matter of days. You can imagine an east coast girl like myself is NOT pleased with this. Yes, I know I should know this by now but come on I am not ready to break out the scarves and boots, it's still AUGUST. 

Anyways, the day I took these photos it was absurdly hot outside and I couldn't imagine wearing anything but a dress and this one I recently picked up from Zara fit the bill. I love the little bits of bright red in the dress and I thought it was a good time to break out my Rebecca Minkoff mab mini I loved so much last summer (remember this?). I always forget that it's actually signed by RM herself (she was so nice and so beautiful in real life). This week is supposed to go up in temperature again and I'm really hoping it does because girl is not ready to give up on summer. 

Have a wonderful Monday everyone, stay tuned for later this week where I talk about some exciting changes coming to my life! woooo 


  1. your dress is so cute, I love the print

  2. I'm jealous that you're getting cool weather! It doesn't start to cool down here until October. Your dress is soooooo amazing! You look gorgeous!


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