a fall "it" bag

jacket: zara // turtleneck: c/o: joe fresh // skirt: zara // boots: h&m // bag: banana republic (recent) 

I've been on pretty limited funds since coming back from my Europe trip a few weeks ago. 
With that being said, I've been a little more careful when it comes to shopping, only getting things I really need.  This Banana Republic bag however, immediately caught my eye the moment I saw it online a few weeks ago but I couldn't justify it since it's more of a "fun" bag than practical. So I decided to bury it from my memory so I didn't obsess over it like I usually do over things. Fast forward a few weeks ahead and as much as I wanted to bury it from my memory I couldn't and when I noticed it was sold out online I kinda panicked and searched for it everywhere. Turns out a lot more people thought it was cute too and it was absolutely gone. I decided to ask a salesperson if they had it and alas someone had just returned it! Amazing news right? Well remember my limited funds talk? Yeah that limited funds situation was deterring me from purchasing but my lovely boyfriend saved the day and said it was a "pre anniversary" gift! (our 7 year anniversary is creeping up) Thanks my love!

Anyways, I know it's more of a fun bag but sometimes the fun items in our closet are what give it some new life! As I mentioned in my previous post, I've been feeling pretty blah about my closet lately so this was a fun new addition. 

It is sadly sold out online but you could get lucky at your local BR and it might still be there, if not don't worry! I've linked the same bag in different colours :) 

Happy Monday!


  1. I ordered online the "beautiful" cream BR tote, but when it arrived, I did not feel it was good quality leather and the handles were too small to fit over shoulder. How is this bag's leather and handles? It is definatley cute and I also liked it when I first saw it, but ordered the tote instead.

  2. Ahh I hate when you finally make that decision to buy something and then can't find it. The fact that you did means it's definitely "meant to be"! It really is a great bag, and adds something fun to your outfit...but the outfit is pretty killer on its own too.

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