when it's really cold out but you still wanna look cute

coat: zara (last year) // sweater: c/o joe fresh (recent) // jeans: zara // shoes: aldo (recent) // bag: rebecca minkoff c/o shopbop // pompom hat: c/o joe fresh 

As I'm typing this, there is a wild blizzard going on outside and I don't ever want to imagine leaving my warm bed! 
Calgary always surprises me with their up and down weather. I've been here for almost 2 years and it's still crazy to me. The dramatic weather can be quite challenging when it comes to our outfit choices. On this particular day, it wasn't snowing but it was FREEZING. I would say it was around -10 outside with the windchill. It can be hard to still look stylish in that kind of weather but with some fun added details like these boots you can make your outfit stand out.
If you've followed this blog for a while you'd know that I'm not much of a hat person but on particular days like this it's absolutely necessary. This one by Joe Fresh is not only practical but adds an extra cuteness to the outfit. My guy David actually told me this was one of his favourite outfits of mine so far. He said it was one of my most wearable outfits which is good I think? I'd like to think a lot of my outfits are wearable. I know what he means though, on the weekends I'm usually wearing pretty casual clothes running errands all over the city that I don't necessarily think are blog worthy but maybe they are? 
Also I promise I'll quit it with the black lately, I've noticed I've worn a lot of black in my outfit posts and not enough colour. That will change! Oh and my love affair with my RM bag has not ended, hope you're not sick of her yet ;) 

Happy Wednesday!

ps. if you haven't entered my WonderBra contest from the other day you should!

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  1. There's nothing fun about a blizzard....or -10 degrees, but at least you have that cute hat? Really though, Calgary weather is just bizarre! I wouldn't be used to that either.

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