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top: club monaco (in a dress version as well below!) // jeans: c/o: j.crew // boots: aldo 

Ahhh, it's December 1st! 
Where did the time go? It's officially Christmas time! (at least in my opinion). I'm a firm believer in only starting the Christmas decorating, songs, baking etc until it's officially December and today is the day! Bring on the Grinch, Love Actually, The Holiday and my all time favourite... Charlie Brown Christmas! 

It's been a weird and very lucky season here in Calgary. We got snow pretty early back on Thanksgiving weekend, then it went away and hasn't come back. As I'm typing this, I see some snow coming and I have a feeling it's here to stay. We shot these photos a few days ago and the lighting was absolutely perfect! It was FREEZING but a girl has to do what a girl has to do right? I don't know if I'm physically ready to take pictures in the snow for at least 4 months... BLAH. 

It's pretty easy to cure the cold weather blues with a floral number and this top makes me all sorts of happy. The sleeves are so fun! Tucked in with my trusty high waisted jeans from J.Crew and you got yourself an outfit! It also looks great with a skirt tucked in as well. 

What do you do to cure the cold weather blues?

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