The first snow with Lolë

coat // sweater // leggings // hat: c/o lolë  // boots: h&m 

So, I guess it's safe to say that it's officially winter now! 
All this snow came quickly on Sunday and hasn't stopped since. Winter is here to stay in the Wild West! If you want to see something truly scary.... look up Calgary's weather for the week! Prayers are welcome....

I'm that kind of girl that usually ignores the weather reports and wears the completely wrong thing out of stubbornness. It was so cold and snowy yesterday that there was no way I could ignore the reports. Some of my most memorable outfits I've featured on the blog are the comfiest and this one from Lolë is one of my new favourites! 

If you haven't heard about Lolë before, it's a Canadian activewear brand based out of Montreal that has now expanded all over Canada, the US and Europe. Besides their awesome comfy clothes, what I love about Lolë is their connection to each community they are in. The brand is very focused on being a part of the community and spreading awareness on health and wellness, whether it be yoga, running, nutrition you name it! 

I'm a newcomer to the brand and I'm completely hooked! Their clothes are just so comfy and they make some of the best winter coats around! I'm obsessed with the one I'm wearing, it's warm yet very sliming and stylish. Plus the hood actually covers your whole head! I actually wore this all day on Sunday, running errands, grabbing lunch and walking my dog. I love that you can wear their clothes from the gym to a coffee date and feel like you're put together. I'm loving this whole "athleisure" trend and totally hope it's here to stay! 

What do you think of the athleisure trend? Are you down with it? I feel like as a Canadian and one that lives in a province with constant winter you kinda need to embrace it! ;) 

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