rose gold dress

jacket: club monaco // dress: h&m // shoes: aldo // necklace: gifted - unknown

Oh hello Friday! I feel like this week has been incredibly long! I do feel like I've had a bit of a stressful week personally but I've tried my best to focus on other things. I've tried to get back into working out as it's such a great stress reliever and you just feel so good after! 

Any who, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this dress. The colour, the shape, the style are all so perfect but unfortunately as you can see it wrinkles like no other. Sometimes, the most beautiful dresses wrinkle just a tad right? Is there anyway to not have this happen? It's so unfortunate but I love it so much! 
Also, in other news... oh boy it's gotten SO cold here in Calgary. It went from 30 degrees to 6 in a matter of days and I am so NOT ok with it! AHHH not ready for it at all! Then again, might be a good excuse to do some fall shopping ;) 

Happy Friday!

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