crazy floral shirt

yup I made that face

Floral Shirt: UO // Shorts & Tights: Joe Fresh // Shoes: H&M // Jacket: Zara // Watch: Michael Kors // Bracelet: UO
Back when I worked at Urban Outfitters, a lot of my coworkers thought I was kinda crazy to buy this floral shirt. I absolutely loved the colour and the pattern and I had to have it. I don't regret buying it last year because floral seems to be making a big statement this spring.
In other news, I don't think my puppy Nugget was enjoying the photoshoot too much but I just wanted to show how big she  is! I thought she was going be a tiny little Pug but I guess her Boston Terrier took over a little bit.

I hope everyone is having better weather than I am.. right now its a combination of rain and snow.

Have a wonderful Friday!


  1. I love the shirt! It's loud and fun for spring :o)

    - Nita

  2. You look so pretty in these pictures, love the floral top!

  3. Thanks ladies! I still haven't figured out how to add the reply widget! haha :)

  4. So Nugget and Mr. Duke need to hang out!! They would be so adorable together. I love your blouse


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