so I went to the pharmacy..

I'm a sucker for Shoppers Optimum Points. 
Whenever there is a 20 x the points event I rush to the store and stock up on essentials. My goal is to get to the ultimate $170 off and right now I'm at $80 dollars off which is still good. I was initially going in to buy some perfume but they didn't have the one I wanted so I went with perusing the sales and ended up with these items.
The only items not on sale were the Benefit products (of course). I was running seriously low on my concealer and my other mascara was starting to get a little old so why not? I decided to go with the one above ...Has anyone tried it? I'm always worried with waterproof since it is usually impossible to take it off properly. I decided to go with the waterproof because I have this terrible problem of my eye makeup just falling down my face. I know it sounds strange but I will always have it all done and 5 minutes later  there is some black under my eyes. 
Does anyone else have this problem? Does anyone have a solution for this? I was hoping since its waterproof it won't fall down my face haha. 

 I'm going to sign off and enjoy myself some late night dinner & catching up with some TV shows. 


  1. ohh great picks. I love the coral lipstick and nail polish. I treated myself to that copy of vogue on friday too!

    Maria @ Orchard Bloom

  2. Nice pictures! I also like the lipstick and nail polish.

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  3. I love Benefit's stuff. I use Boi-ing as well, and used to use BadGal. Never tried the waterproof because I already have a hard time getting off mascara. I use Benefit's They're Real! mascara. It's pretty good, but I find it actually the hardest to come off. Maybe I'll go back to BadGal. Sorry, don't have any tips about having it run down your face!! :(

    Love the nailpolish colours!!

  4. I love the peach & purple nail polish. They'd even look good together (i.e. two nails peach, 3 nails purple)


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