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Woah, it's been quite a while since I've done a beauty post! 
I always have the intention on doing one but then the thought passes me but I'm determined to do them more!
Anyways, it's only been until recently that I've really started to truly care about what I use on my skin. It's like I was in denial that I'm 26 years old and not forever 19. Before, I just used a simple cleanser and that was about it. I have extremely sensitive skin so it's taken some trials to find out what works for me. 

These are some of my faves: 

1.) Vitamin E eye cream (The Body Shop $18) I only recently started using this eye cream and I love it so far! What's not to like? smooth creamy formula that reduces lines, puffiness and the dreaded dark circles! It's super gentle too. 

2.) NARS Illuminator in "Orgasm" ($36) This is a classic and believe it or not, I also just started using this. I'm a huge fan of the blush in the same colour and this product definitely adds the dewy touch. 

3.) Skoah Tonik (Skoah $25) I was recently introduced to Skoah when I was asked to host an event there a few months back. While getting a complimentary facial I was blown away by their products. Their tonik is what really impressed me. Most tonics are alcohol based and I always felt they were so harsh on my skin. This formula however is alcohol free and helps balance the pH in your skin leaving it with a great glow. I use this every night! 

4.) Tea Tree Face Mask (The Body Shop $15) There's a reason this is a best seller and recently won a FASHION beauty award. It really does what it promises, helps reduce breakouts and has a great cooling effect. I use this once a week and actually really look forward to it. My boyfriend always calls me the hulk when I'm using it because it's bright green! 

5.) Clinique Super Moisture Foundation (Clinique $33) I've been using this foundation for years and I absolutely LOVE it! It's moisturizing, lightweight and leaves my skin dewy all day. It doesn't irritate my skin either which is such a relief for me because a lot of makeup does.It's definitely not a super covering foundation but it's great for everyday use. I also love that one bottle lasts forever and that you really could use it till the last drop. I'm one of those girls that will cut it open once I can't easily squeeze it out and use all of it before I buy a new one! Kinda crazy I know..

6.) Vitamin E Face Mist (The Body Shop $18) I bought this product without really researching about it. It was one of those get two products and get one for free kind of days. I'm so glad I picked this up because it's become one of my favourite products ever. It smells SO good and leaves me completely refreshed. I've converted by my mom and sister to the mist. It's great when you're feeling kinda blah and need a pick me up. It also sets your makeup.. YES!

What are your favourite products? Have you tried any of these? I'd love to know! 

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  1. Bah, I do the same thing to my foundation bottles! And I love Clinique foundations - mine is the Stay Matte foundation! Great faves girl! Loved this post!

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