oversized blanket scarf

oversized scarf: c/o joe fresh (out of stock online but another great one here) // sweater: gap // jeans: gap // boots: topshop (recent) // bag: joe fresh (old) // watch: marc by marc jacobs 

You wouldn't know it from the photos but it's officially winter in Calgary. 
These photos were taken before the huge dump of snow we got on the weekend. It was bound to come sooner or later right? Hopefully it's a mild winter!

I cheated a bit on the gym this weekend and I feel really bad about it but it was such a busy weekend! One of the highlights was trying out a new cuisine. I tried Persian food for the first time and it was SO good! I always love trying new things so it was great. Back on schedule tomorrow! 

In other news, how great is this oversized blanket scarf from Joe Fresh? I actually got it a few months ago at the stand alone store in Calgary and I knew if I didn't get it then it would be gone later! Good news? I  still saw it in some of the grocery stores! It's the perfect addition to an all black outfit. I also saw the gorgeous Jen from Her Waise Choice wearing it too! 

I keep gravitating towards oversized scarves. Over the past few weeks, I've gotten 3 of them! What's your go-to item this fall/winter season? I'd love to know!

Other oversized blanket scarves I love...


  1. Loving the blanket scarf! I just picked up a really great one the other day when I was at Madewell. It even has armholes. Totally perfect.

    UGH. I still can't believe you guys have snow on the ground....but hopefully it's not going to be another rough winter!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  2. I love your scarf!
    It's perfect

  3. I think I need to jump on your "wear-a-scarf-like-it's-a-jacket" bandwagon because I love how it looks! And it's warm which is very important in Alberta ; )

  4. Oversized scarfs are an alberta necessity! I love this one from Joe, that place is dangerous - I can't ever get groceries without a pair of shoes....or two ;) XO, D


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