plaid moto jacket

jacket: gap (recent) // jumpsuit: h&m (recent) // booties: winners 

This jacket though.
The moment I saw this jacket online I knew I had to make it mine. 
I decided to wait until it arrived in stores to try it on myself, and since I work in a mall (deadly, I know)  I went quite frequently to see if it was there. Finally, after a few days I saw it and it was 40% off! YES. It's the perfect plaid jacket and I love how thick it is which helps in the very chilly temperatures we have been experiencing. 

What's getting me by is the fact that I'll be home in exactly a month! I cannot wait to go home and finally be with my friends and family. It's super tough being so far from everything I know. I'm not going to lie, I love my independence but it's so hard sometimes being away from those that are closest to you. After my brief time at home I'll be spending time with my boyfriend's family in Barbados! As some of you may know, he is luckily from that little island and I'm so happy i'll be spending my first Christmas there! Bring on the sun, sand and bikinis! SO excited to not look like a ghost anymore! haha 

Does anyone have any tips on how to pack for two extremely different climates? I'm already kinda freaking out about it! 

ps. Thank you for your patience on my little hiatus last week. It was a very busy and tiring week! It's also super hard to take pictures when it gets dark at 4 pm! I gotta plan on the weekends now :) 


  1. That jacket is far too cute!

  2. Cute jacket!!

  3. Do you want to be my sister-girlfriend so I can tag along to Barbados with you guys? ;) lol. Seriously, you are going to have the best Christmas! Also, I absolutely love your jacket!

  4. I love your plaid jacket!!


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