sneakers and minimal makeup

top: club monaco // jeans: zara // sneakers: c/o ecco shoes // bag: banana republic // watch: michael kors 

I've really been into comfort and minimalism this summer and I love it! It's kind of nice to declutter your life a bit and start with the basics. I'm not an expert when it comes to makeup in the slightest but I love the idea of a fresh face in the summer with a pop of colour! It's effortless yet put together and you don't have to worry about your makeup melting off your face on those hot days!

I wore this particular outfit running a few errands before my trip home to Toronto. It's hard to believe but I'll only be in Calgary for grand total of one week in September! I'm home for a bit to celebrate some weddings and visit family and friends then i'll go back to the Wild West and then EUROPE! I am beyond excited and pretty nervous to be honest. Why you ask? WHAT DO I PACK?! I'm terrified to pack for 3 weeks. Seriously, how does one pack for 3 weeks!? teach me your ways all mighty travelling gods! 
What I do know is that I'll need comfy shoes for the trip and I think I found them thanks to Ecco. Seriously, not only are these high tops effortlessly cool but they are probably the comfiest shoes I've ever worn. I spent an entire day thinking I'd need to break them in and it wasn't necessary, it's like walking on clouds! I dig it! 



  1. Not gonna lie, I'd be terrified of packing for 3 weeks too. I have enough trouble packing for three days sometimes!!

    I love this super simple outfit. This is basically what I'm wearing right now ;)

    Something About That

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