That Valentine's Post

coat: h&m // dress: zara // tights: club monaco // heels: zara 

Oh hey, there's someone else on my blog!
David doesn't make an appearance on my blog too often as I tend to keep my personal life separated from here. Sometimes, just sometimes he agrees to make an appearance. He does however, make appearances on my Snapchat (involuntarily most of the time haha). I may be biased, but he's a babe if I do say so myself! 
We took these photos for a contest I'm doing with Calgary's Market Mall, if you're in Calgary make sure to go to my Instagram for your chance to win a little something special just in time for Valentine's Day!

David and I usually don't go all out for Valentine's, we typically go out the day before or after since it's so busy on the actual day. This year, we are just taking it easy, trying out a new brunch spot and perhaps taking a little day trip to the mountains (our fave). It'll be so nice since it's a long weekend too!

What are your plans for Valentine's? 

And just for fun, I thought I'd throw it back to my last Valentine's post with my other love, Nugget! 


  1. You two are just precious…the only thing missing is Nugs! xx

  2. You guys are such cuties, but I agree with Brittany - you should have had Nugs in the shoot. Next year? ;)

    Something About That

    1. Next year for sure! Don't think she will be smiling though? hahaha

  3. Saw this dress on your Instagram and had to come take a closer look. Is it embroidered? So beautiful!


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