embroidered jeans

top: zara // jeans: gap // heels: zara (old) // necklace & bracelet: club monaco 

I never thought I'd wear embroidered jeans again.... 
I once had a pair of overalls with Sailor Moon characters all over them.. I kid you not my friends. I still wish I had them for entertainment purposes but alas I do not. These Gap jeans kinda changed the game for me, I love the red flowers and it gives a pop of colour to an otherwise basic outfit. 

What do you think about embroidered jeans? Did you have them back in the 90's? Do you think it's a trend that'll go away? I'd love to know!

Ps. did any of you catch The Tragically Hip concert over the weekend? oh boy, tears were shed! I was so sad I wasn't in my university town of Kingston to see it. 


  1. Alessandro Michele brought back embroidered denim out of nowhere, but fashion totally needed the shake up. The trend looks super cute on you, so I hope it sticks around for a few seasons :).

  2. Umm.... you had Sailor Moon jeans? OMG! I'm officially jealous of your 90's wardrobe! hah These are still really fun though ;)

    Something About That

  3. They look great on you!!!



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