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trench: aritzia // turtleneck: aritzia // pants: c/o 424 fifth // heels: zara // sunglasses: karen walker 

Over the years, I've become more conscious about quality over quantity. 
When I started this blog for example, I would spend little amounts and buy tons of really trendy pieces that would either go out of fashion right away or essentially fall apart. Maybe it's a part of getting older (I'm almost 30, well two years away) but I no longer spend like that. When I go shopping, I try to think if this will last me in the long run or I try to picture how I would wear it with multiple outfits. If I can't picture it, I don't buy it. 

Fall is a great time to start wearing those investment pieces since layering is key. I've narrowed down what I think is a starter point for fall fashion investment pieces below: 

A great coat - This is pretty obvious I know but a great coat is basically a no brainer when you live somewhere like Canada. The weather in Calgary is so up and down so it's essential to get something you know you can easily layer. Try to get one that you know works for your style but is also functional. I love this trench I'm wearing from Aritzia. It's a great colour, well made and is so easy to pair with my outfits. The green is great for fall and I actually am so glad I got it in this colour as opposed to black. 

Turtlenecks- Ok, I know turtlenecks are not everyone's cup of tea but I LOVE THEM (can you tell yet?). In the past I've bought cheaper ones and over time they just lose their shape and become unflattering. Try to get one made out of great fabric and hold their shape. Both Aritzia and Club Monaco make great options! 

Well fitting pant- Nothing is worse then a pair of pants that don't fit. It's easy to go with pants from fast fashion stores as they're cheaper but if you want a pair that lasts the years you have to invest. I love the ones I'm wearing. If you've followed me for a while you know I've worn them countless times! So worth the investment. 

Handbag- Fall is a great time to invest in a handbag. I'm still on the lookout for a great fall bag, there are a few I have my eye on but I haven't taken the plunge. Look for ones that are timeless and not so trendy and of course are well made. My go to is always Rebecca Minkoff... great bags and at a great price point :) 

What are some of your investment pieces? I'd love to know your tips! 

Happy Halloween! 

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