OTK boots

turtleneck: club monaco // skirt: zara // boots: zara // bag: rebecca minkoff // sunglasses: karen walker 

I'm already having a serious case of the Mondays and I'm writing this on a Sunday....
Seriously where did the weekend go? I feel like it went by in a flash! On the plus side, we had a beautiful weekend here in Calgary. The weather is so up and down here, one week it'll be snowing and the next it'll be warm. If you're wondering, it is very hard to dress here haha. 

Anyway, I've always LOVED over the knee boots but in my past experience they have never looked good on me. I think it's part of being pretty short and my own insecurities. One night when I was browsing Zara's website, I came across these bad boys and thought, "hey, why not?". Fast forward a week and I was pleasantly surprised that they actually worked! Not only did I not feel short but I actually felt like they elongated my short stubby legs! I got countless compliments when I wore them too which made me realize I made the right decision! 

I'm not sure why I always automatically think something won't look good on me. I guess bloggers are pretty hard on themselves but I'm trying to see things in a different light and not focus on the negative. I'm trying to actively listen to what those close to me say and try to take it in and not immediately shut it down. It's really hard for me to take compliments as I've mentioned in a previous post so to those who do compliment me (you know who you are) thank you so much! It honestly makes my day :) 

What do you think of OTK boots? Do you like them? I can't seem to want to take mine off ;) 

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  1. This is such a flattering outfit! Your legs look super long and I just love the silhouette head to toe. Amazing!


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