a new bag and a serious case of blogger burnout

tee: club monaco // jeans: mother // heels: zara // bag: zara 

I've had a serious case of blogger burnout as of recently. 
I'm sure some of you can relate to this but I've just felt super uninspired lately and I don't want to produce content just for the sake of posting. I want my posts to be something I look forward to  sharing with all of you. 
I've tried super hard this summer to be better with my budgeting and not spend my money like a crazy girl. Maybe you've noticed with my clothing choices but yeah I'm trying to get better and be a responsible almost 30 year old. I've become a lot better then the past Melanie thats for sure. I am however, going to try to do a closet cleanse and get rid of things that don't inspire me anymore. I'm actually looking forward to fall. Spring and summer were not my friends in my personal life and maybe that made me feel a bit uninspired to post on the blog as well. 
I'm looking forward to fall and fall fashion and perhaps a new perspective on life! 

Anyway, enough about all that dramz.... how amazing is my straw bag in this post? I actually loved it the moment I saw it a few months ago on the Zara website but the price was a bit steeper then I wanted to spend for a "novelty" bag. Fast forward a few months and I found it for under $20! SCORE. I love it oh so much! I think it looks so chic with an all black outfit. It would also look great with an all white outfit as well.

How do you guys handle blogger burnout? Anyone have any suggestions on how to battle it? I'd love to know your thoughts!

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