what to wear to a fall wedding

jacket: club monaco // jumpsuit: club monaco // shoes: zara // necklace: club monaco

I am attending one of my best friends weddings next month and I could not be more excited! 
I've thought for a few weeks what I should wear since it will be in November where it will hopefully be warmer then here in the Wild West. Weather is always up and down though but I think it's a safe bet with a jumpsuit. 
I thought about wearing a dress but I have decided to go with a jumpsuit as it's different and with the right accessories can look super chic. I wore this jumpsuit out for dinner last week and it was such an easy thing to put on. It's a top and bottom in one and just so versatile. I'm actually wearing it again today with a turtleneck underneath since the weather has turned out to be quite chilly. 

Pair it with some killer heels and a chic leather jacket and you're good to go! What do you think about wearing a jumpsuit to a wedding? The only tiny issue is the fact that you kinda have to take the whole thing off to go pee which is kind of a major inconvenience but hey... the things we do for fashion right? 

Happy Wednesday & thanks for stopping by! xo

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