dress: urban outfitters (unfortunately sold out) // sandals: steve madden // sunglasses: karen walker // hat: walgreens (tourist style lol) 

A few weeks ago, we took a trip out to Palm Springs and being the crazy planner that I am, made an entire list of things I wanted to do in the short 4 days that we were there.  
Joshua Tree of course, was one of them. I have seen so many photos of this beautiful place and I was so happy we took the trip through it. It was probably the hottest day I've ever experienced and although I drank about 3 bottles of water I was still so parched. Joshua tree was everything I thought it would be. It didn't even look real, it was truly an experience I will never forget.

 Joshua Tree was also very therapeutic for me. It may sound silly but it was so quiet and so still and it gave me a lot of time to reflect on the past few months. As you guys saw in a few posts back, I had a rough couple months dealing with depression and anxiety. It was a very difficult few months and I knew I needed to go on a vacation. I wanted to clear my head and completely disconnect from everything negative in my life. While I was there, I honestly felt like I let go of my past, sweated out all the bad and opened my eyes and started fresh. I honestly want to go back during their camping season and camp out there... it would be so incredible to be there under the stars. I think you can see the happiness in my eyes. I changed that day and I realized I never want to let my illness take over me. Life is beautiful, there are beautiful places on this earth and Joshua Tree was truly one of them.

Have you ever been? I'd love to know your thoughts!
As always, thank you for reading! 

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