red sneakers

sweater: h&m // jeans: gap // shoes: c/o puma // sunglasses: ray-ban 

I've been a busy bee with work lately and with my upcoming trip home this week everything has been kind of rushed to say the least. I've been kinda neglecting the blog but not on purpose! It's been hard to find daylight to take photos (it gets dark here around 4:30-5) and with working all day and usually leaving around 6:30 it's next to impossible. I'm going to have to start taking multiple photos a day when I have time.... how do you other bloggers do it? any advice? 

Anyway, how AMAZING are these sneakers? My lovely friends at PUMA sent them to me and I literally had the heart eyes emoji face when I opened the box. They are beyond beautiful! I though it would be fun to pair it with an all black outfit (which seems to be all I wear lately) and a matching lip and I love how it turned out.  

Now if this snow will go away that would be GREAT!

Have a great Monday! 


  1. Your sneakers are very amazing! I love the pretty bright red colour of your lipstick and of the sneakers! I like red and black styled in outfits when there's snow on the grounf because of the eye-catching contrast. You look fabulous in your H+M sweater and gap jeans, and I really love the pop of red in the OOTD.

  2. Hey girl hey! I'd love to help you take photos anytime you want, I feel that struggle! But seriously, I'd love to practice on you - my new camera has seen much more food than people haha. Hope you're having a wonderful time at home (it looks like you are)! xx


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